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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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A new roleplaying game system from Pelgrane Press ... Fear Itself plunges ordinary people into a disturbing contemporary world of madness and violence. Players take the roles of regular folks much like themselves, who are inexorably drawn into confrontation with the creatures of the Outer Black,...

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A horrific supplement for The Esoterrorists and Fear Itself ... Players in horror campaigns are a little too accustomed to the nightmares their characters face; even the most eldritch of tentacular horrors is less intimidating when you know exactly what it is, because your PC has faced it before....

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Where Mystery Meets Adventure! ... Lorefinder puts you in the role of a brave adventurer in search of forbidden secrets and lost treasures. Uncover strange cults, solve baffling murders, or delve into the deepest dungeons and face their denizens—and, if you are both clever and lucky, return to...

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Print Edition Discontinued

Ten years ago, one-percent of the population gained mutant powers. One-percent of the citizens means one-percent of the criminals - and you're the cops who clean up the mess! As members of the elite Heightened Crime Investigation Unit, you and your fellow detectives solve crimes involving the...

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There's murder and mayhem in the Mutant City and you've got four tough new cases to clear. Mutant City Blues creator Robin D. Laws brings you four ready-to-play case files to puzzle and challenge your local Heightened Crimes Investigative Unit.

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Get Esoterrorists + Fear Itself + Unremitting Horror together, and save $5!

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CAGE FIGHTING, MUTANT STYLE! ... Brief Cases features three session-length adventures for your Heightened Crime Investigators from acclaimed author, Gareth Hanrahan (Lorefinder, Invasive Procedures) ... Blastback: A murder at a mutant-only gym brings the characters into the shadowy world of... Gift Certificates
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