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The response to this series has been great! ... Chaos Earth™ puts the player in the center of the Great Cataclysm -- the apocalyptic upheaval that, in the end, creates what we know as Rifts Earth. ... Player Characters live through the death throes of human civilization, the reshaping of...

Our Price: $12.95


Creatures of Chaos™ is jam-packed with unearthly creatures that represent the menacing and the bizarre, the mischevious and the maniacal. Some are supernatural hellspawn, others are just plain weird, all are dangerous. ... •  Dozens of demons and monsters specific to the...

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The return of magic has empowered humans with strange and wondrous powers unlike anything quite seen (and different from conventional types of magic). This only complicates things for Earth's defenders as the line of distinction between good guys and bad guys begins to blur. ... The Demon Plagues...

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A return look at NEMA, their missions, survival, heroics, and adventure. Including the appearance of a rogue cell of the Military - Juicers - including a few unlike those seen before. ... •  A rogue Juicer Special forces operation makes a bid for power. ... •  Some new weapons...

Our Price: $16.95


Data about the chaos and madness of the early days of the Great Cataclysm, and the brave men and women who tried to stem the tide of destruction and save lives, the First Responders. ... Apocalypse Plagues: Strange diseases, symbiotes and mutations that transform, torment, harm and kill Earth's... Gift Certificates
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