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May the dice be with you! At long last there is a game made for space fantasy rather than science-fiction. Designed for fast-paced play, these rules allow for all the story details one could ever want to explore any popular mythos of space opera, but not slow down the game's playability. ... This...

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Adventure! Countless alien races and planetary systems make up the civilization known throughout all of space as the Celendrian System. For within these worlds and along the light-lines which bind them are endless opportunities for those who quest amongst the stars. Everything that one needs to...

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Exploration! Let cowards and treasure hunters battle within the prison of civilization. The die-hard adventurer knows the greatest wonders of the universe are far beyond the borders of his own ken, indeed the Outer-Rim Systems. The strange, the bizarre, the truly alien worlds which lie out there...

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Space... an infinite frontier. Now, you can take the adventure in new directions not charted in any storyline’s text. For contained within these pages are 100 open-ended Encounters for use in all the settings common to habitable worlds; deserts, moons, arctic, tropical, ruined civilizations and...

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It is a time of civil war and insurrection, when the evil Empire of Thaetis has declared conquest of the Inner Ring of the solar system. Polarizing the capital with energy from an unknown source, they cannot be fought off and total defeat is only a matter of time. While the senate endlessly...

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War is tearing the Republic asunder, and salvation needs to be found, but it lies out of reach. Yet, there are modalities of travel faster than lightspeed. So say the Lunar Knights of the Celendrian system. And now they may have discovered it, but they need brave adventurers to seek this 'light...

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There will be no peace until the Empire has been destroyed. Every day, the Empire of Thaetis gains victory after victory, and now the time has come when the dark truth at its heart shall be revealed. The Shadow Royalty are approaching the civilized interior of the system, the coming of their...

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They said it could never be built. They said it would never complete its mission. Then they said it would never be found. A legendary space explorer was constructed over a century ago, and still have the greatest scientists in the galaxy been unable to duplicate its engines. It became lost, and...

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