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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Here it is! All the rules for the Fantasia role-playing game! This comprehensive volume allows for the creation of any type of Character, all the monsters and Mystics that inhabit this new world, all the treasures they keep, and all the rules for how your Character is going to face them, overcome...

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Suggestions and requests from fans have prompted a few changes and clarifications to the Fantasia core rules, and here they are! These changes have been incorporated into the Fantasia Core Rules PDF, so if you download that book from February 20th 2008 on, you're all set. For those who have...

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Welcome to the realms of Fantasia, brave adventurer! You are wise, more than most, for while other adventurers wander the realms aimlessly, going from town to town in search of gold, you have in your pack a tome of invaluable lore, a guidebook to all lands, roads and realms of this fantastic...

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There are tales of greater deeds than any yet heard in Fantasia, tales to be told by those who journey to the edge of the world and beyond... beyond indeed where even the rules of the game can serve them. For those journeys that become a quest, that take one to realms hidden from the Known World... Gift Certificates
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War, War Never Changes!,

The Dead Walk,

Through the Gate in the Sea Sample Chapter,

Heart of Stone,

Adventures in the Isles,

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