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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game


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After the Tribulation of the early 22nd Century, much of the Earth was left in ruins. The human population dropped considerably. Most cities were leveled. Entire governments collapsed. Corporations had to find new ways to sustain themselves globally. Private armies became the lethal edge of competition. New races and creatures appeared when mysterious portals opened throughout the world. Most recreated their societies where humans once flourished. With their cultures, they also brought magic.

The dark elves were among the first new forms humans identified. Those who emerged from the Japanese portal were seized, most enslaved. Corporations found their dark magic and nefarious personalities perfect for training as ninjas, deadly assassins who were better than a handful of highly trained soldiers.

Across the globe in Halcyon, built on the ruins of old New York City, corporations use anonymous mercenaries to raid their fellow companies. Stealing technology and sabotaging shipments bound for governments and other corporations are standard fare. Mercenaries dare not cross their clients or fail their missions. Life expectancy is short. With little other work available to ex-soldiers and trained gunmen, they become the pawns in the ongoing war of greed and survival.

Alec Laurence has played the game for more than twenty years. He's been lucky so far. But a near-fatal mistake leads him to consider his retirement. With his experienced gunman Jake Sutton, his loud-mouthed driver Beetle, and the calculating dark elf ninja Eizo, he ventures to escape the grind that his live has become. But with the knowledge he has of his clients, from years of corporate raids, can he just walk away?

A 254-page novel.

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