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Things definitely get interesting when dragons start to celebrate! Their magic gets so out-of-hand that it can take some time to sort things out. With luck, a swift eye, and good teamwork these dancing dragons will be able to leave the party with the same tails they had when they came in!

Dancing Dragons is a traditional card game brought to you by Tom Wham and Margaret Weis. At its heart is a simple game of matching, in which players attempt to build matching dragons out of sets of "parts" cards, but fast game play and rules of working with a partner can make things complicated fast! The game is easy enough to teach kids, yet fun enough to keep the young-at-heart coming back for more. Fun for families who enjoy games with light-hearted, fantasy themes or gamers looking for a quick round of cards.

Tom Wham is an artist and game designer known for offbeat subjects and fun, fast-playing games including Snitz, Awful Green Things From Outer Space, and Mertwig's Maze. Margaret Weis is a New York Times best-selling author of fantasy, and publisher of games, from the Star of the Guardians CCG to the current Dragonlance game products.

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