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Deformities and Deformity Feats offer players the chance to customize their character by imposing physical limitations and physical oddities. In a world where dragons and demons can breed true with other species, deformities are as likely to result from magical curses, divine wrath and mad...

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From the age-old forges of the wise elven people to the deep underground mines of the first dwarven kingdoms came a wide variety of treasures of great practicality and tremendous value. Among these wondrous riches were weapons of unbelievable quality, of unique designs, and of unsurpassed...

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In many societies, people regard Paladins as formidable heroes, dedicated defenders of the realm, and role models of self-control and righteousness. Most of those who have met Paladins are convinced that they have the strength of character to accomplish great things, perhaps even fantastic deeds...

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This sourcebook presents new and unusual types of artists and performers. While many of the prestige classes described herein focus on a character’s ability to deliver masterful performances in a variety of arenas—from reciting poetry and dancing to singing and playing a musical instrument—some...

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Prestige Classes are an essential part of d20, and one of the most exciting features for players to mull over when planning their characters. But the prestige classes you can find in a book aren’t always exactly what a player or a GM thinks fits in with a character concept, or campaign world....

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UPDATED AND REVISED! The Only Point-Based Race Creation System for Fantasy d20 and OGL! GMs with a taste for fantasy world-building can either borrow races for their setting from other sources, or build new fantasy races from scratch. Presented in this sourcebook are guidelines for designing new...

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