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List Price: $1.75

Our Price: $1.58

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

Roll those bones! Crafted to look like knucklebones, but they roll smooth and true. These d6's are just the thing for setting an adventuring mood. After all, what's the fun of vanquishing your enemies if you can't play with their bones when you're done? Each order contains one (1) dice bone.

List Price: $8.00

Our Price: $7.20

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Koplow makes some of the best high impact dice in the industry. You get 10 randomly assorted dice as listed in the title of this product.

Our Price: $60.00


List Price: $1.00

Our Price: $0.90

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This is a single 25mm d6 dice, white with black pips.

List Price: $2.80

Our Price: $2.52

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Round plastic die. Weighted inside to stop on a random number.

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