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More Oddities and Disturbing Bits of Whimsy Ahead! ... Master Richard Pett takes us on a tour of the bizarre, the curious, and the strange in More Whispering Homunculus. Within you'll find a multitude of weird charts that provide you with strange timepieces, unusual locations for overnight...

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You Hear a Little Click Sound...The great tradition of traps in roleplaying games continues — because traps create that freak-out moment when things really, really go wrong! ... Traps make your game better and they add a sting of surprise to any encounter. The Trapsmith sourcebook provides...

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Richard Pett’s Your Whispering Homunculus is the GM’s humble servant and guide to the vile, whimsical, disgusting, bizarre, horrific, odd, skin-crawling, and mildly disturbed side of fantasy gaming. ... Your Whispering Homunculus provides wonderfully lunatic ideas and encounters to keep your...

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Set a Course for Adventure! ... New islands, new monsters, and new adventures that work perfectly with the Journeys to the West adventures or any place with a high seas and fair winds.  ... This 37-page supplement includes new monsters such as the Carnivorous Ship and the salt mouse swarm...