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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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The second in the Zobeck Gazetteer series takes us up into the heights of the Ironcrag Mountains, where dwarves master rune magic, forge powerful new magic, and keep dark secrets in somewhat Masonic secret societies. ... TOUGHER THAN MOUNTAINS ... More than taciturn miners and miserly smiths, the...

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This introduction to the Free City of Zobeck showcases its clockwork magic, its gearforged PC race, and many highlights of the city, such as the Kobold Ghetto. Includes a beautiful city map and other distinctive elements of the setting.— Clockwork Magic and the kobold ghetto. ... Clockwork...

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Something Monstrous in Your Mailbox ... Everyone loves the Ecology articles in Kobold Quarterly; they're a look at things from the monstrous side of the fence, with nasty DM tricks and great story elements to inspire DMs to greatness. But we can only publish one in each issue… until now. ......

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Award-winning tales of adventure chosen by Open Design patrons! ... A city of wonders, and a city of corruption and despair. Zobeck is home to gypsies, kobolds, powerful guilds and seductive devils, a crossroads city where the people of all corners of the compass come to barter, cheat, and deal.... Gift Certificates
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