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PaizoCon 2016

Our Price: $5.98


Border Prowler Series: Border Prowler Two. ... This 32-page adventure continues the Border Prowler Adventure Series as players investigate a mysterious ruined installation. All Maps and Encounter Tables are provided for this adventure in the rings and moons of a gas giant. ... Set in the Gateway...

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High Adventure and Danger ... Trophy Hunts in the Outworld Subsectors ... Safari Ship Plans, Giant Maps and Charts ... New Creature Types ... NOTE: Simba Safari is the name of the ship featured in the module. ... Module includes: ... Ship Description Crew Description Passenger Description...

Our Price: $4.50


This product is the first in a series of Judges Guild general Science-Fiction role-gaming aids. Named Port o' Call, the series is designed to provide seberal ready-made starport towns, complete with detailed floor plans of all buildings and a detailed population of inhabitants. The initial series...

Our Price: $5.98


This Product contains a 32-page detailed guidebook and a 22 by 34 three-color stellar map. The map gives Stellar Location, Political Divisions and Jump Routs in the Sector. The reverse of the map has eight significant planets of the Sector mapped in detail with historical background and...

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The main thread of this adventure is the journey to the Rookeries to obtain a live specimen of the Azure-tipped Sea Falcon and the return journey with the live Falcon. It may take more than one game session to play this entire adventure. The starting, ending, and major destination of the players...

Our Price: $5.98


Due to the tampering of the navigation computers by a drunken navigator (to discredit a fellow crew-member) the player's spaceship arrives on a uncharted but not uninhabited planet. ... This adventure details five minor alien races and also contains a large folded map of the planet.

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