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Colorful masks! Rippling muscles! Fiendish monsters! Deadly takedowns! Psychotronic plot twists! Welcome to Lucha Libre Hero, the game of heroic masked Mexican wrestlers dedicated to combating evil in the ring and on the streets of Mexico City. Inspired by the extensive film legacy of such...

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FROM OUT OF THE RUINS... ... One of the most popular and enduring types of adventure fiction is the post-apocalyptic story, in which brave heroes struggle to survive in a world where mankind’s civilization has fallen. Rooted in ancient myths about the end of the world, these stories mix thrilling...

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All of the Action Stunts, Maneuvers, Package Deals, Characters, and Monsters from Lucha Libre Hero in Hero Designer format.

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Post-Apocalyptic Hero’s mutant powers converted to the HERO System, Sixth Edition.

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This PDF collection of maps from Hero Games products features maps from Ninja Hero and Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds. It also includes two extra maps not published in those books: a martial arts maze and a Migdalar outpost! As PDFs, the maps can easily be scaled to different sizes for printing. This...

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Now you can pilot a 75-ton Robot Warrior across laser-charred battlefields! ... Robot Warriors is 2 action-packed games in one: The Battle Game and the Role Playing Game. ... Both feature giant humanoid combat robots: those huge heavily armored tanks on legs. ... In The Battle Game, you use the... Gift Certificates
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