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Among the greatest threats facing the world in the early twenty-first century is a Chinese sorcerer said by some to have been alive for millennia. Enigmatic, possessing enough power to hold the Chinese government and its vaunted Tiger Squad at bay, and said to have designs to rule all of Earth,...

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FANTASY ADVENTURE! ... Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds is a collection of locations and adventures for Fantasy Hero, each focusing on a place you can use repeatedly in your campaign. You can run the scenarios individually, or as part of a single story arc. Do your heroes have what it takes to survive:...

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MONSTERS OF THE ORIENT ... Every gamer's heard of dragons, vampires, werewolves, and zombies: but how about preta, chiang-liang, qiongqi, macan gadungan, orgoli, or the wondrous beasts of the amazing Himmapan Forest? ... The Asian Bestiary, Volume I is your guide to these and dozens more strange,...

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MORE ASIAN MONSTERS ... Every gamer's heard of dragons, vampires, werewolves, and zombies: but how about kitsune, langsuir, aswang, nat, tokkaebi, penanggalan, or rolang? ... The Asian Bestiary, Volume II is the second Hero Games guide to these and dozens more strange, eerie, and dangerous...

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Tens of thousands of years before the modern day, Earth was a very different place: a realm where Magic took the place of Science, strange monsters walked the land, and the Dominion of Atlantis was the most powerful land in the world. ... The Atlantean Age is your guide to this wondrous High...

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ITEMS OF POWER ... Even in Fantasy Hero worlds where magic exists and characters can rule kingdoms, sometimes a hero needs just the right equipment to get the job done. That means magical items—weapons, armor, staffs, and other objects with enchantments placed upon them to give them power....

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Every great hero needs an equally great villain as his nemesis. In a Fantasy Hero campaign having just the right enemies can make the game especially exciting. That's what Nobles, Knights, and Necromancers offers you—dozens of Fantasy villains perfect for adding even more fun to any campaign! It...

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WONDROUS ADVENTURE AWAITS ... Welcome to Ambrethel, a High Fantasy world in need of great heroes. It is a time of peril, when the shadow of Kal-Turak the Ravager looms over the world from the North, threatening to engulf all the peoples of Ambrethel in evil and horror. ... The Turakian Age...

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There’s more to Fantasy than alternate worlds filled with sword-swinging barbarians, armored knights, and fireball-casting wizards. One of the most popular Fantasy subgenres today is “Urban Fantasy,” which combines the mysticism and wondrous creatures of Fantasy with modern-day settings,...

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Daring swordsmen, wise wizards, noble knights, deadly dragons, and mythic kingdoms—all these, and more, are part of the wondrous worlds of Fantasy. Fantasy Hero discusses and describes the Fantasy genre for gaming, and shows how to create characters, campaigns, spells and magic systems, worlds,...

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Dragons. Aliens. Faeries. Ghosts. Lions. Tigers. Bears... (you get the picture). Every creature, every genre—the HERO System strikes again! Usable with any HERO game, the HERO Bestiary is for everyone. Dozens and dozens of new creature are presented here to be used in your campaign. ... The...

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All of the monsters, creatures, beings, and fantastic animals from Asian Bestiary, Volume I in Hero Designer format.

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All of the monsters, creatures, beings, and fantastic animals from Asian Bestiary, Volume II in Hero Designer format.

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Write-ups from Atlantean Age in Hero Designer format.

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Templates, prefabs, and characters from Fantasy Hero 6th Edition in Hero Designer format.

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The Hero Designer files for Hero System Grimoire. All of the magic systems in the book translated into Hero Designer format.

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This PDF collection of maps from Hero Games products features maps from Ninja Hero and Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds. It also includes two extra maps not published in those books: a martial arts maze and a Migdalar outpost! As PDFs, the maps can easily be scaled to different sizes for printing. This...

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