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Is your gaming group tired of facing the same old villains? Are you feeling burned out and looking for a little help coming up with a fresh challenge for your players? ... Well, look no further! ... A Touch of Evil: Antagonists in Your Game is a series of short PDFs devoted to providing fresh...

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Chris Caran packs this 58-page PDF, the second in the Touch of Evil series, with inventive, well-conceived hobgoblin villians while artist Aaron Henson makes his industry debut with stunning character art. ... “A Touch of Evil Volume 2: Hobgoblins” greatly expands on the concepts introduced in A...

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What do demon-worshiping ghouls, vile sorcerers and werehyenas have in common? They are all found in A Touch of Evil Volume III: Gnolls. Written by Mike Ring and Ewan Conradie, A Touch of Evil Volume III: Gnolls is Reality Deviant Publications' biggest antagonist PDF yet! ... Inside this 70-page...

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Looking for a few dwarven antagonists to spice up your game? Look no further! ... Written by Ewan Conradie and David Jarvis, the fourth volume of Reality Deviant Publication's A Touch of Evil line of game accessories focuses on one of the most beloved races in all of fantasy: the dwarf. ......

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***** (based on 5 ratings)

What do a Soul Knife Assassin, a barbarian and a CR27 sorcerer have in common? ... They're all Kobolds! ... That's right. ... Inside this E-book written by Liz Courts—that's Lilith on the Paizo boards!—you'll find 4 blood-curdling kobolds designed to give your players a run for their money, no...

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