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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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GiftTRAP is a fun, social board-game. If you've ever given and received a gift then you practically know how to play.

- Deal some gifts and place them on the gift grid for all to see. - Look at the gifts and look at your friends and decide which gift to give to which friend. - Now look at the gifts and choose which gifts you would want and which gift you wouldn't want. The real fun and conversations begin as each player matches the gifts they received to the gifts they choose. - If you give or get a good gift, you get points. - If you give or get a bad gift you lose points.

Winning is about being as good at giving the right gift as you are at being given gifts you most want.

It's that simple, and lots of fun. Be prepared for some surprises. When you play with friends and family you will get some great ideas for gifts you know they really want and have some fun conversations! It really is the perfect gift to get for just about all your friends and family.

GifTRAP helps you explore and develop your emotional intelligence.

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