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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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Our Price: $63.70


Mecanisburgo (or Mecanisburg) is a Sci-Fi themed, 2-6 player game that lasts 120-150 min. The game is set in an alternate present in which all the predictions of classic sci-fi (Asimov, Conan Doyle, Clarke, etc) have come true. Mecanisburgo is the megalopolis capital of the world, where the...

Our Price: $12.74


As the war intensifies the corporations are looking beyond our planet to gather allies and resources for their plans for domination. Their most obvious targets are the Moon and Ceres, where recently found Golden Cavorita deposits of extraordinary quality have created the Cavor Fever in...

Our Price: $25.48


Expansion 2 adds a new game board for Mars which allows agents to exploit the Red Planet. ... Two new factions come with the expansion: Metaluna & The Freedom Mutants League. The Freedom Mutants League has a complete different agenda than the others corporations. They win if the city is...

Our Price: $50.96


Luna Llena (Full Moon) is a semi-cooperative horror-survival game for 2-7 players. There are two sides: Werewolves and Humans. The game starts after the Human hikers have spent the night at Aguirre's Forest, and find two of their party missing. The humans must find the Wolves' cave, rescue...

Our Price: $10.14


Expansion to Luna Llena. Including 6 new pack cards for the Werewolf player, 3 new hexagons, a chainsaw special item and 15 special abilities distributed randomly to all characters at the beginning of the game to be used once in the game.

Our Price: $57.20


An alien invasion has achieved initial success when several countries succumb and side with them. However, some nations are determined to resist and together they form the Alliance. In this fight each player will manage their own resources and will take coordinated decisions to determine the...

Our Price: $25.48


The total battle begun and only one of the fighters will get the world champion’s belt. Will you be the winner? ... Use your cards to avoid your opponent’s attacks or to launch your own one. Use your special skills, and weapon’s cards, at the right time to emerge victorious and be the last player...

Our Price: $45.50


KARMABUSINESS, a game to stimulate the Entrepreneur that lies within us all, is a simple and realistic simulation of the world of business in which the creation of a successful company is not the objective, but merely the means by which we attain a far less prosaic goal: the realization of our...

Our Price: $20.80


What if the Spaniards had assaulted Palace Grimaldi and taken Murat prisoner? What if the King's Dragoons had charged? Or what if the French had not used their artillery? Would their principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity have been better regarded? ... In 2 de Mayo: Assault on Palace...

Our Price: $58.30


In Air Show, players create and manage collections and museums of historic aircraft, which are kept in perfect flying condition for display to the public to relive the history of aviation. The aircraft represented in the game are all real, and they are all aircraft either currently part of...

Our Price: $42.00


In the card game Stalag 17, each player represents one of five countries, and he tries to help his three countrymen escape a prison camp in WWII before the other players can do the same. ... To escape, a prisoner needs to acquire the objects that match his escape plan, which can change from turn...

Our Price: $38.36


The Northwest Passage is a sea route that lies between northern Canada and the North Pole, joining the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The first expeditions took place after the discovery of America due to the need of the English to connect both coasts of the Americas to avoid edging the whole...

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