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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

List Price: $100.00

Our Price: $90.00

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Festooned with all manner of rusty and corroded weaponry, Zombie Pirates make up the bulk of Harkon's damned followers. Unlike most reanimated vassals, some vicious spark of personality resides deep within the rotten souls of the Deckhands, making them all the more formidable in combat. ... A...

Our Price: $45.50


Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

Our Price: $4.95


This box set contains: 1 Army Book, 1 Vlad von Carstein, 1 Vampire Lord, 10 Skeletons, 10 Crypt Ghouls, 10 Dire Wolves, 10 Grave Guard, 1 Corpse Cart and 1 Varghulf.

List Price: $24.75

Our Price: $22.28

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Clad in corroded armour, their lifeless hands gripping swords, spears and shields these undead warriors should form the bulk of your army. Large units of Skeletons standing rank upon rank, side by side are the defining feature of a Vampire army. ... This boxed set contains 10 multi-part plastic...

List Price: $35.00

Our Price: $31.50

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Zombies are corpses brought back from the dead by foul necromancy. Their necromantic overlords drive them into battle in their thousands, using them to exhaust the armies of their enemies. Zombies are poor fighters, but they never give up and will push against their enemies in a huge engulfing...

List Price: $57.75

Our Price: $51.98

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Dragons are a proud and noble race that ruled the skies long before the coming of Chaos. However, like all mortal creatures, they will eventually succumb to old age or injury, and they will fly across entire continents to their final resting place - the Plain of Bones. It is to this inhospitable...

List Price: $62.00

Our Price: $55.80

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Once a particularly powerful Vampire is slain, it is not certain that the world will be rid of this predator of the night. Many of the greatest lords of Undeath have returned after their bodies have been destroyed. If the servants of a Vampire can gather his ashes, they will construct a coffin to...

List Price: $33.00

Our Price: $29.70


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Zacharias now rules over the Forest of Shadows where both the Orcs of the mountains and the people of the forest live in equal fear of the vengeance of Zacharias the Everliving. Zacharias is one of the most powerful wizards in the Old World, and can easily hold his own against a handfull of...

Our Price: $41.25


Some Vampires rule over entire regiments of Wights, made up of warriors who dared to challenge the Undead noble in life and now serve him in death. These minions of Undeath are known as Grave Guard and are armed with evily enchanted weapons which have been known to strike down the strongest of...

Our Price: $47.00


Within every Vampire lurks a predatory creature, driven to feed on blood time and again. There are a few Vampires who embrace their thirst, who allow the bestial hunter within to take over. These are the Varghulfs - blood-mad killers that exist only to feed. This metal box set contains 1 Varghulf.

Our Price: $29.75


When Vlad unleashed the armies of Sylvania upon the Empire, between the trudging crowds of Zombies and the ranks of Skeletons could be seen the disgusting Corpse Carts. Driven by macabre, shrouded figures, these wagons are made of rotted wood, rusted metal and diseased flesh, heaped with writhing...

Our Price: $24.75


The land of Sylvania is plagued by giant wolves, the men of the Empire hunt these beasts mercilessly, but this is not always enough. The carcasses of these wolves are buried in great pits, but the cursed earth of Sylvanis does not allow them to rest... This multi-part plastic kit contains 10 Dire...

Our Price: $14.75


n ancient times, mighty warlords fought across the land that is known as the Empire. Upon their death, these brutal warriors were buried deep beneath the ground, their tombs protected from thieves and looters by shamanistic spells. Many of these tombs are now long gone; but many others still...

List Price: $14.75

Our Price: $13.28

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Cairn Wraiths are amongst the most powerful of the Undead. Though they lack physical form, their touch drains the life of a mortal. Their very presence fills the air with dread, and most who face them are driven mad with fear long before they are killed. Filled with rage, these vengeful spirits...

Our Price: $14.75


Many sorceresses, enchantresses and witches have plagued the Warhammer world over the centuries. The most bitter, restless spirits of these evil-hearted women become Tomb Banshees. They constantly howl in remembrance of the pleasures of life that were theirs, and in bitterness for the peace of...

Our Price: $14.75


Necromancers are widely regarded as twisted and corrupt individuals who are obsessed with death and the avoidance of it at all costs. They are used (for they are rarely their own master) by Vampires to animate the broken corpses of their servants and return them to battle. To learn such dark... Gift Certificates
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