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Our Price: $66.00


War of The Ring is a new way to play tabletop wargames with Games Workshop’s range of The Lord of The Rings Citadel miniatures. ... War of The Ring allows hobbyists to expand their collections, build huge armies and play the greatest battles of Middle-earth. ... The 328 page rules manual details...

Our Price: $37.25


The War of the Ring has engulfed the lands in darkness. The armies of Men, Elves and Dwarves clash with Sauron's innumerable legions. At the forefront of these armies stride heroes and battlehosts of great renown who have gathered to oppose the Dark Lord, or destroy in his name. It is by the...

Our Price: $25.00


This box set contains three metal Minas Tirith Commanders. Models supplied with 25mm round bases.

Our Price: $15.00


King Th oden led the charge of the Rohirrim upon the Pelennor, garbed in armour and wielding the royal sword, Herugrim. Th oden rides to battle atop the noble steed, Snowmane. ... This blister contains one metal Theoden model. Model supplied with a 40mm round base.

Our Price: $57.75


Cave Drakes are subterranean predators who inhabit the cool, dark places deep within the bowels of the earth. With powerful jaws they crush and tear at their foes, and with dagger-sharp claws they can slice through even the finest armour. Possessed of a voracious appetite, Cave Drakes have been...

Our Price: $24.75


Every Blackshield warband is led by a Captain, accompanied by a Shaman and heralded by the booming of ominous drums. Captains are the most hardened fighter of the horde, who have slain Dwarves and Elves by the score and proven themselves as bloody-handed killers. While the Shamans that follow the...

Our Price: $10.75


A hero of the Imperium and one of the most skilled tank commanders ever to grace a Leman Russ, Knight Commander Pask is a crack shot and a natural in the art of armoured warfare. ... Any one Leman Russ tank in your army can be upgraded to include Knight Commander Pask, whose talent and expertise...

Our Price: $29.75


This box set contains a selection of plastic ruined scenery sections, including: two statues, a crumbling stair, a ruined gateway and a large wall section. The sections can be assembled in a variety of ways allowing you to create your own unique scenery piece. For even more variation or to create...

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