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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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The Temporal Key is a campaign arc for four characters of about 10th level. The heroes are on a quest for a stolen minor artifact to prevent a possible dark future. Following a historical trace from a former owner to a grave hidden in “paradise," they face several obstacles and discover a connection between the powerful item and a strange past of their own.

    Additional Features:
  • Scalable for two to eight PCs of 4th to 16th level
  • Two new feats: Cohort Focus and Craft Set
  • Six new magic items such as collar of armor or ring of three limited wishes
  • Two new magic sets such as the circles of death
  • A new cursed item: Parambor’s glasses
  • A new minor artifact: the temporal key
  • A new spell: limited miracle
  • A full-color campaign map and two black-and-white player handouts
  • Four separate map files (jpeg)
  • A black-and-white (pregenerated PC) party portrait
  • Two color item pictures and two black-and-white item pictures

Created by: Christian Janke

Scenes (Encounters): 8 (5, EL ranging from 4 to 14)

Time for Fun and More!

The Temporal Key serves as a FREE campaign framework to several GMC modules (Quirin Adventure #1: Nrasra’s Death, Quirin Adventure #4: The Clownish Village, Quirin Adventure #7: Ancient Rebirth, Quirin Encounter #1: The Ethereal Thief, and Quirin Encounter #2: Brianna).

If you like this product, you might like Quirin Campaign #2: Chaos Returns.

GMC—It's Game Master's Choice!

Come to the world where mortals created and became gods, where the Long Night powers orcs and undead and where ruins of a glorious past let deities fear for their existence. A world of enigmatic NPCs: from the Ancients, over the mythical Sirison and the Guardian of Simit to a being of unknown age and power, the Quirin.

Let the characters become a part of your own Quirin Saga. Look out for the independent "Quirin Campaign" series. Every issue can be used in your campaign world. Feel free to adapt the material presented here as you see fit to make it work with your campaign.

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