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Enter the demon shaman, a blasphemous class so dedicated to the ideals of the wicked outsiders that he slowly morphs into one over time. With his equally sadistic babau cohort, the demon shaman is a dark force to be reckoned with. ... Inside: The Demon Shaman!; Sixteen demonic morphs!; Favored...

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The Priest base class was created to bring that clothy divine caster seen in so many console RPGs to the tabletop world. For decades, the divine have had an odd obsession with whacking foes with blunt maces while donning big heavy armor. The priest goes back to the roots of what one intuitively...

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Many individuals live remarkably mundane lives. Some take it to the next level (or 20) and become masters of the ordinary: extraordinaires! ... The extraordinaire is a hybrid class of the Commoner and Expert, along with some borrowed bits from the Alchemist, Arcanist, Barbarian, Bard, Druid,... Gift Certificates
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