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Our Price: $49.98


Lurking under the facade of everyday life lies a dark world of pain and destruction. ... Man and machine unite to tear the bad guys apart - literally - in Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor. In brutal bursts of extreme violence, our underdog hero unchains the vicious, merciless beast within. It's one...

Our Price: $59.99


What happens when a hit manga gets mugged by the director of the Excel Saga? The answer is The Wallflower! Start with four incredibly beautiful high school students... incredibly beautiful BOY high school students... then add one psycho, paranoid, neurotic horror movie obsessed goth chick with a...

Our Price: $29.99


Which girl would YOU choose? ... The long sought-after Rin is being pulled in a million different directions, and he just might go crazy from the emotional whirlwind. Crushes and competition are temporarily set aside as poor little Primula becomes deathly ill. The heavy truth about the girl's sad...

Our Price: $29.99


The quest undertaken long ago by four souls joined by fate could soon draw to a close, though not for the reason the travelers might hope. The aspiration of gathering Sakura's memories is still unfulfilled, and the journey has come to a horrifying halt. In a land which welcomed the group with...

Our Price: $29.98


The brutal, bloodied path of the Witchblade and the calculated cruelty of corporate cutthroat make for desperate bedfellows. Masane is the unwilling ground zero for the swelling chaos that approaches. The lust for complete control of history's weapon, for the power promised, surge through the... Gift Certificates
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