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The Starsea Chronicles is a "hard" scifi companion setting to the core Starfinder The Roleplaying Game setting.  Completely compatible, it offers several new races, galactic empires, and a slew of new items, technologies, ships, and vehicles for players and GM's alike.  Also within are expanded concepts on world building and ship creation to help players to further diversify and expand on the material already provide.  Jump into the Starsea Universe for a game full of endless possibilities.

The StarSea Chronicles is a universe full of unlimited potential adventure and excitement whose hallmark is supposed to be flexibility.  While designed as a relatively hard science fiction setting it can easily incorporate the more fantastical elements presented by the Core Starfinder rules.  Whether you are independents trying to make a living and make the big score, or working for one of the great stellar empires, challenges await aplenty. You are only limited by your own imagination and the luck of the roll.
The mighty United Systems Alliance faces many challenges and much internal turmoil as it strives to bring stability to the galaxy through leading by example. The Sagaren Collective, new to this region of space works hard to carve out their own niche and spread their ideals and expand trade, at once stabilizing and throwing into chaos whole sectors. The Baggalian Empire, desperate to expand and finding itself nearly hemmed in on all side faces possible civil war if some sort of pressure relief is not soon discovered. The Itellian Federation rises from obscurity to try and forge an Empire based on strength and ruthlessness in the face of opposition from those already existing interstellar empires. And between them all lie the independent systems and minor empires, trying to balance their needs and desires against the larger empires’ interests.

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