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Our Price: $19.99


A roleplaying game of angry decisions, ugly ethics, and black city streets. A game of film noir. ... A Dirty World rethinks the One-Roll Engine to focus relentlessly on character. Hard-boiled private eyes, dirty cops and femmes fatale make their hard choices and hide their grubby secrets. A Dirty...

Our Price: $19.99


Have you ever secretly wanted to be best friends with a magical unicorn? His name would be Dewdrop, and he would talk to you with his thoughts, and he would carry you on his back away from bullies and parents and kids who don’t get you, and you’d have such wonderful adventures! ... This game is...

Our Price: $9.99


The REIGN Enchiridion is a digest-size paperback that contains the complete rules for Greg Stolze's hit fantasy roleplaying game REIGN: A Game of Lords and Leaders. ... REIGN expands the frontiers of fantasy gaming by elevating the action to an international stage. Monarchs, mercenaries and...

List Price: $29.99

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The Best Summer Vacation Ever! ... . . . and maybe the last! ... A crazy cult plans to destroy the world -- not just a school or the boring grown-up shops at the mall, but the WHOLE WORLD -- and it's up to you to stop them. ... Now you and your friends, and your horrible friendly monsters, are...

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Welcome to the future: a world of passion, power, and poorly considered philosophies. The economy's in a coma, civil order runs on inertia, and biotech superpowers are so cheap that bus station schizophrenics are getting them. What do you do? How do you fight for your beliefs? Riot? Sacrifice?...

Our Price: $29.99


Grim War is a Wild Talents roleplaying game sourcebook of superpowered mutants, nefarious sorcerers, and the ordinary men and women trying to control them all. ... Written by Wild Talents co-authors Greg Stolze and Kenneth Hite, and illustrated by Todd Shearer, Grim War introduces a fascinating...

List Price: $34.99

Our Price: $31.49

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This Favored Land is a sourcebook for the Wild Talents roleplaying game set during the American Civil War. Players take the role of The Gifted, ordinary people who by divine providence or pure chance have been granted extraordinary powers. Occasionally seen as saviors, they are most often scorned...

Our Price: $24.99


Utilizing the One-Roll Engine made famous by Godlike, Wild Talents is a complete superhero roleplaying game built for fast, thrilling action. Wild Talents features an in-depth, alternate version of modern history which builds on the acclaimed setting of the World War II game Godlike and extends...

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