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The Afarezir Islands are desolate, windswept, rainy islands off the northwest coast of Hârn. The rocky shores of the wide eastern bays of these rugged islands are alive with sprawling colonies of seals and great wheeling flocks of seabirds. This harsh world has shaped the Nolgind Kubora who make...

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Fishing is an unguilded occupation. ... The fishing article details the fisherman's methods and equipment as well as the common types of fish and methods of preservation. ... Fishing has great economic and social importance to all coastal communities. The sea provides raw materials such as whale...

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Color illustrations and descriptions of 36 different plants with special properties native to Hârn. Many herbs are thought to have miraculous medicinal or other properties. Characters who can properly identify, gather, preserve, and sell good-quality herbs can earn a good living, be respected in...

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Inns of Hârn is a collection of five detailed inns, suitable for any roleplaying campaign. ... Details are provided about each inn's accommodations and services, as well as its menu, staff, and regular clientele. Additionally, each inn features detailed floor plans and several adventure hooks....

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Peran is an extensive wilderness in northwestern Hârn. Primeval forests cloak this land of mysteries so densely that the ill-prepared may be swallowed by the trackless wilderness. Outsiders are more often the hunted than the hunters and evils here are best left undisturbed. Peran is home to the...

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Potions are found all over Lythia, in markets and fairs, on the shelves of apothecaries and physicians, in castles and in hovels. Some potions are well-known, but perhaps only in one region. Others are rare because they are difficult to prepare, have a short shelf life, or include rare or illegal...

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The Silver Way sets a new standard for trade route articles. The history and economic importance of the Silver Way are covered with detailed sections about each day's march and nightly campsite. ... The Silver Way is the only road into the ancient and wealthy Kingdom of Azadmere. It is one of...

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The Sorkin Mountains are one of the wildest areas on Hârn. These granite spires form a forbidding hundred-league mountain chain that walls Kaldor from the Sea of Ivae. The terrain climbs from the lowlands of the Kald Valley to peaks above 7,000 feet. There are higher peaks on Hârn, but few more...

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Tesien is an Earthmaster site on Ternu Heath with a sinister reputation far beyond that of its sister constructions located across Hârn. ... The original Earthmaster structures have sunk beneath the marsh; the visible ruins are of recent origin. As with all similar sites, the builders seem to...

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This article describes influential and interesting books and other written works that may be found in a Hârnic campaign. ... Different versions of a written work arise when they are translated into a new language/script, or are heavily edited to ensure greater appeal to a specific group. Some...

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Hârn Military Article. ... The tournament is a martial sport that demonstrates the strength and skill of a knight in battle. In its present form, it comprises the Melee, in which groups of mounted knights engage in battle on a field, and the Joust, which is a contest between two mounted knights,...

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