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"Uh, yes. I was supposed to have a phone in my shoe?"

Anthony J. Gallela and a no-star cast light up the screen in this 30-minute comedy about an international spy in his less-than-perfect moments. Gallela stars as agent Bob Smith, a high-quality adventurer on low-quality adventures. Car chases? No! Beautiful women? No! Waiting on hold? Yes!

Shot on mini-DV with a variety of non-actors in a smattering of locations throughout the globe, The Man Between is destined to change the way you treat your fellow beings and will dramatically alter the manner in which you perceive all objects and concepts in the universe. Failing that, it's pretty funny and it's over quickly.

The Man Between DVD comes in a standard DVD case with a glorious color cover. The film is presented in both anamorphic widescreen and letterboxed versions, and the disc includes the preview and a deleted scene featuring Phil Foglio.

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