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Our Price: $30.00


The Shogun has offered your family the isle of Hokkaido for years of faithful service. But your patriarch is in failing health, and his sons must prove who is the most worthy of Hokkaido! ... Hokkaido is the second game in Blue Panther's Trailblazer Series, following Nepal. Featuring quick...

Our Price: $25.00


Since ancient times along the Nile, the Eye, Scarab and Snake vie for positional advantage. Yet, they are not completely in control of their movements. Through clever maneuvering of your own tokens and those of your opponents, be the first to reach your home base in the sands of Egypt. But...

Our Price: $25.00


The Colony is a mancala-like game for two players with a six-legged theme. Players take the role of rival ant colonies (black and red) that discover a recently cut wood pile. Live eggs still linger in the cut logs. To restore and control The Colony, players both collect and protect eggs....

Our Price: $20.00

Out of print

Snag! is the first of Blue Panther's new Small Games line. It includes rules, two custom wood dice and 30 cards. Players roll the dice, then try to match the shapes on the cards by snagging them with their fingers. Quick and easy fun in 15-30 minutes for 2-4 players. Snag! is the winner of the...

Our Price: $35.00


Since mankind discovered that the stars are actually suns not much unlike our own, we have wondered what mysterious worlds might orbit these distant balls of light. In Sol, two players compete to control these distant suns by claiming the planets around them. Control of the planets is achieved by...

Our Price: $40.00


Trade and intrigue at the top of the world. All wooden games all the time! ... Nepal is the first of Blue Panther's Big Box series. A little bit Euro in style, but it also allows for a bit of conflict - especially when those high powered trade routes are at stake. ... Game mechanics are simple.... Gift Certificates
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