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Black Death is the game of plagues for 2 to 6 players. Each player is a different strain of disease in 14th century Europe, and whoever racks up the highest body count wins. It is a game of conquest and strategy—just a different sort of conquest than your average wargame. ... Black Death is not...

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Slag! is the space combat game for people who aren't rocket scientists and who don't have an aerospace budget...but still want a realistic game. ... Slag! boils things down to the minimum level, but still gives you multiple Tech Levels, complete ship design rules, and enough optional systems to...

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The world is running out of everything at the same time that everyone wants more of it. Or maybe not. ... soft landing is a game of politics, economics, diplomacy and a little bit of strongarming and backstabbing. Each player runs a different world power, and tries to either bring about a new era...