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Dragon Steel PDF

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Dragon Steel is a fantasy role playing game within the world of Pallas. It is a world born of the Mother Dragon. Dissonance leads to war between Her and the first race She fostered into being. After being mortally wounded She fled from Her “children”. As She fled She gave one last gift, Her blood across the land. With this gift this first race grew, and spread across the land.

Now a new age has begun, and the land is stirring. New dragons have arrived and the power of the old relics have awoken. Journey through the land as a fierce fighter, a user of Arcane energies, or a rouge sneaking into places. Discover the world and its secrets. Are these new threats from the Mother? Is She coming back for revenge? Will She save Her “children? Will the peoples of Pallas claim the world as their own? Or will they suffer utter defeat?

Dragon Steel is based on a 2d6 system. You no longer have to worry about levels, no more attributes. Your character is based on what you know and what you can learn. We have taken away the old hack and slash format and brought back the Roleplaying aspect of RPG's.

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