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Chad gunned the car and thumbed the trigger, the machine guns mounted on the hood of his beat-up car throwing hot lead across the highway. He was close to winning this duel; all he needed to do was put down that scumbag Wilma and he would be crowned champion. ... As the bullets from his twin...

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Road Rage 3 is an expansion to Avalon Game’s great little auto duel game, Road Rage. Within this expansion you will find new Road Cards, New Cars and some new options. ... NOTE: This is an expansion for Road Rage and is not a complete game.

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The Lizard Kings of Chun have a favorite sport which they have conducted for ages. Beasts of the jungle are captured and trained. Then a fair elven maid is chained to the wild animal. The race is run with the elven maid hanging on for dear life as the creature under her streaks around the jungle...

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