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It is the year 1875 and the world's great powers are playing “the game of nations”: expanding their colonial empires by means both fair and foul. Weblike networks of spies, soldiers, and operatives span the world, doing the bidding of their respective crowns. ... A few clandestine groups,...

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Farmer Tom rang the bell by the barn and watched as his herd came in for the evening meal. The goats which stood tied up nearby bleated in nervous fear as the small dragons swooped in and began to feast. “Good herd this year,” Tom said to himself, “going to be a champion in there somewhere, you...

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Vermix issued his challenge and then leaped into the clear skies that lay before his cave's entrance. The smaller air dragon returned the roar and beat its long wings as it began to gain altitude. Vermix was large, a fire dragon of both mighty age and size. With some amusement, Vermix mused on...

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Vermix roared as the zeppelin's cannons blasted into him, the great dragon screaming in terrible pain as the cannonball smashed into his armored hide. Any other dragon might have been blown from the skies with such a volley of lead shot, but Vermix was no weakling; rather he was one of the true...

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