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Ars Magica

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Coriolis (OGL)

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Cyberpunk 2020

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Feng Shui

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Furry Pirates

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Northern Crown (OGL)

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Over the Edge

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Penumbra (OGL)

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Unknown Armies

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3. Ars Magica RPG—Fifth Edition
4. Ars Magica—Realms of Power: Faerie PDF
5. Break Today: The Mak Attax Sourcebook (Unknown Armies) PDF
6. Feng Shui: Four Bastards
7. Unknown Armies: To Go
8. Ars Magica: Houses of Hermes—Societates
9. Ars Magica: Houses of Hermes—True Lineages
10. Penumbra: Maiden Voyage (OGL)

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