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You're a brilliant scientist, and ok, you may be a little mad. But who isn't a bit frustrated these days? At least you're channeling your anger in a positive direction: inventing incredible devices to advance your goal of taking over the world. Plutonium, secret lairs, and minion insurance are expensive, though, so you'll have to research, work, and even speculate on what your enemies will do in order to raise the funds to fulfill your dastardly plans.

Nefarious: The Mad Scientist Game is a quick playing game for 2-6 players where the players race to build inventions like a freeze ray, cloaking device, or robotic pet, before their opponents can. Your strategies to get the money to build your creations will have to vary, though, as each time you play, Nefarious will have a different environment thanks to its fiendishly clever twists.

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