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Our Price: $34.95

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The new expansion for F&E, with raids, admirals, advanced combat and scouts, special base construction, advanced economics, casual PF Flotillas, special warships, special support units, penal ships, F111 units, non-player Orions, expanded carrier groups, flagship escort groups, the huge Winds of...

Our Price: $29.95

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Expanded and revised rules for F&E including Advanced Combat Table, Shock, Stasis Field Generators, Electronic Warfare, Commercial Convoys, Base Stations, Auxiliary carriers, Klingon 77th and Kzinti 23rd divisions, Hydran fighter and fire support pallets, LTTs, pods, Monitors, special attack...

Our Price: $29.95

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This is the revised release of Carrier War, with updated rules, a complete revision to the GALE FORCE and FOUR POWERS WAR scenarios, and dozens of new carriers and escorts.

Our Price: $19.95


An expansion for Federation & Empire covering advanced raids, Marine major generals, Tholian pinwheels, Depot Level Repair, Planetary repair dock, conversion during repair, rapid repair during combat, colonian development, advanced deficit spending, transferring provinces, trade with the WYN...

Our Price: $24.95

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We need a whole new strategery!--Admiral George X Bush, 2576 AD ... And now you have it! Hospital ships to undevastate planets. Sector bases to bolster defenses. Operational bases to move the fight toward the enemy. Small transports to move around small things (money, people, etc.). Dozens of new...

Our Price: $69.95


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Conquer the Galaxy with the 2000 Edition! Over 1500 playing pieces, huge multi-color map, complete rules, and more. Collect taxes, buy ships, convert them to special variants, then use them to launch a massive invasion of your neighbors. This product includes the F&E-2K rulebook which is also...

Our Price: $47.95

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The final empire comes to Federation & Empire as the Inter-Stellar Concordium arrives to keep the peace. Over a thousand counters, a massive six-sector peacekeeping scenario, another scenario that takes place during the General War, complete Order of Battle, new rules.

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