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This deck of cards is designed for use with Heir & Back Again, an adventure module for D&D 5th Edition or the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and inspired by classic computer adventure games from the 90's.  ... These cards help Gamemasters by providing players with the means to acquire...

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Would you like to print out the characters from Heir & Back Again or perhaps have them professionally printed in full color for your players? You've come to the right place! Make your choice here and soon you shall smile wide with character cards in hand for all the Heir & Back Again...

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A Return to the Golden Era of PC Adventure Games... yet designed for tabletop RPG play! ... Heir & Back Again is a Pathfinder Compatible adventure inspired by PC adventure games of the 1980s. Curious puzzles and strange conundrums fill the Duchy of Sapphire, a small fiefdom once part of the...