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Pathfinder Adventure Path: Curse of the Crimson Throne (PFRPG)

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As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, there's no better way to embrace winter's grasp than to read some epic fantasy tales or get up to date on your Pathfinder lore. So, grab your tablet, smart phone, or readjust your monitor for optimal viewing. Roll initiative and seize a 25% discount on select digital Paizo products!

The Heart of Pathfinder
Open up a world of adventure with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, dive down into the vast world of Golarion with the Inner Sea World Guide, or delve deeper into the world with the Pathfinder Campaign Setting and Pathfinder Player Companion series.

Classic Adventure
Challenge your heroes with epic 6-volume Pathfinder Adventure Paths like Rise of the Runelords, Kingmaker, Reign of Winter, and many more. Each campaign takes characters from 1st-level heroes taking their first steps into a dangerous world to high-level veterans celebrated for their many achievements. Whether you're a new or experienced Gamemaster, these Adventure Paths give you everything you need to create memorable storytelling adventures with your best friends.

Check out all of these Adventure Paths or unlock even more with Pathfinder Society Scenarios.

Epic Novels by your Favorite Authors
Continue your exploration of the world of Golarion through the eyes of top fantasy writers, including Elaine Cunningham, Ed Greenwood, Michael A. Stackpole, James L. Sutter, Howard Andrew Jones, Liane Merciel, Tim Pratt, Gabrielle Harbowy, Chris A. Jackson, and many more in Pathfinder Tales!

Wait, There's More!
Fill out your arsenal of gaming accessories with digital copies of Pathfinder Maps and Pawns! Plus, our partners at Lone Wolf are unleashing even more deals for Hero Lab! Visit their website for great savings and build the perfect Pathfinder character in minutes with the award-winning Hero Lab character management software.

Explore all of the great digital Pathfinder products in the 2017 Black Friday Sale! These deals go away at midnight on Monday, November 27!

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