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Look at You. Aren't You a Little Bundle of Joy?


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New Third-Party Bundles and Products Now Available!

It's that time again—a new batch of Pathfinder Compatible, Starfinder Compatible, and 5E third-party products are now available!

Legendary Games has released 2 mega-bundles—but they are only available through November 30th! The 30 for 40 Mega-Bundle contains nearly 1,400 pages of Pathfinder Compatible content, including over 100 marvelous magic items, over 100 monsters, tons of new feats and spells and character options, and new rules subsystems. Also included are 14 complete adventures from 1st level to 13th level. The 20 for 20 II Mega-Bundle features over 600 pages of 5E Compatible content, including over 100 items, dozens of monsters, and much more. Sample a wide variety of genres from the far east to ancient Egypt, from rollicking seas of the pirate isles to fey-haunted forests, and sci-fi/fantasy mash-ups from far-off worlds of adventure to post apocalyptic wastelands.

Also, Tabletop Adventures is having its "Overlord's Birthday Sale!” Starting today, and running through November 30th, all Tabletop Adventures PDFs are 30% off.

We've also got other great new releases from Rogue Genius Games, Rite Publishing, Straight Path Games, Mystical Throne Games, Necromancers of the Northwest, Ennead Games, Flying Pincushion Games, Raging Swan Press, and Tripod Machine!

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