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That One Isn't a RAM. That One Is a Read-Only!


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Worldscape One-Shot Bundles Now Available!

Straight from our friends at Dynamite Entertainment, we're happy to announce that the Worldscape Humble Bundle One-Shots are now available for sale! As a bonus, each issue contains a Pathfinder RPG appendix and poster map.

There are two bundles of four comics each. Worldscape Humble Bundle One-Shots features standard covers for Warlord of Mars, Red Sonja, Lord of the Jungle, and King of the Goblins, while Worldscape Humble Bundle One-Shots ( Exclusive Covers) features four exclusive covers!

Inside these comics you'll find: Red Sonja On a special mission for the Council of Jungle Kings, Pathfinder's iconic anti-hero, Seltyiel, has been drawn into the magical Worldscape, where the greatest heroes and villains of three worlds do battle for the amusement of unknown forces.

Also, John Carter and Tars Tarkas suddenly find themselves speeding across the Worldscape skies in a Barsoomian scout flier in this bonus tale of their first adventure together in the mysterious Worldscape. And finally, The Lord of the Jungle travels to the interdimensional Worldscape and clashes head-on with the original feral heroes of mythology—the demigods Romulus and Remus.

Speaking of Worldscape, the Pathfinder—Worldscape: Volume 1 Hardcover ( Exclusive Cover) and Pathfinder—Worldscape: Volume 1 Hardcover, which collect Pathfinder—Worldscape issues #1-6 are also available!

Be sure to check out all the great Pathfinder comics available here on!

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Silver Crusade

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Silver Crusade

Anyone knows if these one-shots have any material inside them other than NPCs and the encounter?

Like the other Worldscape comics had archetypes and feats in them.

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