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Try This One on for Size, You Big Hippie!


Our Price: $50.00


Board and Card Games on Sale Now!

Miss your chance at board game deals during International Tabletop Day? We've got you covered—with a great selection of discounted and clearance board & card games!

Great games like Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Board Game, Ticket to Ride: Europe, Super Dungeon Explore, and Dominion are all marked down. There are also many X-Wing Expansion Packs on sale.

Looking for something other than card or board games? The Warehouse Sale! includes Roleplaying Game products, Novels, and Gaming Accessories. Looking for Miniatures? The $5 and Under Bin's got tons of great Reaper and Star Wars miniatures on clearance as well.

Take a look at all the other great options we've got in The Golem Sale & Clearance!

More Store Blog.

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How long is The Warehouse Sale going on for? I see some stuff I'm interested in but I won't have money for a while.

Paizo Employee Webstore Coordinator

Johnico wrote:
How long is The Warehouse Sale going on for? I see some stuff I'm interested in but I won't have money for a while.

The Warehouse Sale is a permanent section of the Golem Sale & Clearance that will have more items added to it over time.

Oh, neat. I'd never noticed it before so I didn't know. Thanks, Rick.

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