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Sitting on a Throne Is a Thousand Times Harder Than Winning One!


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The Dark Eye RPG Kickstarter Ending Soon!

For a deeper experience in the world of The Dark Eye, look to the Warring Kingdoms! This latest Kickstarter from Ulisses Spiele offers adventures, accessories, and a wealth of information for the most complete play experience you could want—and is ending soon!

The grudge between the Warring Kingdoms of Nostria & Andergast has burned for almost two millennia. This regional sourcebook includes 11 new region-specific character professions, such as Andergastan knights, Nostrian dike builders, all-knowing serpent witches, and mysterious druids, an example Forest Wilderness village, Details on knightly traditions, and royal tournaments. Nostria & Andergast adds new armor and weapons, including the famous two-handed Andergaster sword, and the Nostrian longbow. Additional products such as The Warring Kingdoms Map Set and New Bonds & Ancient Quarrels are also available.

Products included in the Kickstarter that had not been previously announced are the Warring Kingdoms Armory, Warring Kingdoms Card Pack, and Hero's Breviary of the Warring Kingdoms. Also available is The Andergastan, a hardcover, full-color graphic novel tells the story of the Warring Kingdoms.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign, or preorder Warring Kingdoms of Nostria & Andergast here on!

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I backed this. It's an awesome system with a pretty cool setting.

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