The First Cut is the Deepest!

New Pathfinder Battles Unpainted Miniatures releasing soon!

Our new Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniatures are available for preorder!

These miniatures from WizKids feature a number of distinguished creatures and characters from Goblins, Familiars, and Hell Hounds, to Fighters, Rogues, Clerics, Sorcerers, and more! Each pack gives painters the opportunity to explore the fine details of each unpainted figure, which features deep cuts for easier hand painting. Each pack of Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniatures comes with highly detailed figures that are pre-primed with Acrylicos Vallejo primer, some of the finest-quality hobby paint available.

Speaking of Vallejo, take a look at the Vallejo paints, brushes, and other painting accessories we have available!

Unpainted minis not your thing? We've still got our ever-expanding Pathfinder Battles miniatures line, with great sets such as Skull & Shackles, Rusty Dragon Inn, and some great Promotional Miniatures!

And be sure to check out the rest of the great miniatures products available here at!

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Are the bases molded with the miniatures or are the miniatures clued to the base?

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The bases are detached from the miniatures for folks to glue on post-painting (or whenever they see fit to glue them).

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Official release date is 22nd of march.

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Are these hard plastic like the Painted battles series, or flexible like Reaper Bones?

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This looks like what the "Hero Packs" announced a year ago became. Hero packs were going to be "low-level and high-level sculpt of the same featured character."

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Are these old sculpts sans paint, or are they new sculpts?

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They're rigid, like the Pathfinder Battles line.

Yes—the Hero Packs did evolve into these. But they're not all heroes, and while many still have that "low-level/high-level" idea going on, it's suggested more than stated.

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Some of these are even interesting for people that have no interest in unpainted miniatures because they are translucent.
The "Familiars" pack will have a translucent "bat" & the "Hellhounds" are mostly translucent.
These could be used as ghosts or invisible animal companions. ;-)

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Will you update the rendered pictures with pictures of the actual minis once they arrive in your warehouse?

I think that will increase interest because people see the actual products (which look quite good as far as i've seen them).

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I know the web store team was looking into doing some *packaged* photos, but the fact that they're uniformly grey (apart from the translucent bits) makes them challenging to photograph loose.

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Saw these in my local store over the weekend. I bought 2 Paizo packages and 1 from the Dungeons and Dragons line. They look excellent and will have fun painting them. I like how they also come with a base to use. I will probably keep the hell hounds unpainted and use as blink dogs or some other invisible stalking beast :)

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I don't have a ton of experience painting. These are pre primed, but I'm confused about the clear ones (e.g. Hell hounds). Do they still need to be primed? Is there any specific paint or style of painting that I can use to give it color and still be clear?

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"The First Cut is the Deepest..."
"Baby I know!"

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Review of new line

Here is a good review of new line. As for the clear sections, I would recommend searching reapermini website. I know the old bones sets had these clear areas and there are people that have experience painting them. I would assume they have been primed as the packaging on them still says primed. May be they are primed with a clear coat?

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The unpainted miniatures seem to do well, Wizkids has already announced Waves 2 and 3:

JUNE 2017:

-Pathfinder Unpainted Miniatures - Elf Male Paladin
-Pathfinder Unpainted Miniatures - Evil Wizards
-Pathfinder Unpainted Miniatures – Bugbears

AUGUST 2017:

-Pathfinder Unpainted Miniatures - Half-Orc Male Barbarian
-Pathfinder Unpainted Miniatures – Gnolls
-Pathfinder Unpainted Miniatures - Merchants (Serving Girl/Merchant)

In addition, june and august will also bring new D&D unpainted minis and "WIZKIDS DEEP CUTS" unpainted scenery: chests, keg barrels, treasure piles & pillars.

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