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Temperatures Are Rising, and Prices Are Falling!

Holiday17 discount code expiring soon!

There is just over a week left to take advantage of the holiday17 discount code! Remember, this discount will stack with the Pathfinder Advantage discount that you receive from subscribing to the Pathfinder Adventure Path. It does not apply to subscriptions, backorders, preorders, or downloads from companies other than Paizo—but remember, you can only use this code once through January 31, 2017.

If you're looking for a good place to use the holiday17 discount code, we've added many products to our Golem Sale & Clearance section! The code will also stack on most products here as well. We will be routinely adding more products to this section, so check back often!

There is a board game clearance going on now too, with products like Tiki Mountain! and Dominion (1st Edition) marked down. The American Eagles Collection has some deep discounts, too! There are also discounts on wargaming products, roleplaying games, and even Funko figures and plushes. Many of these products are available in limited quantities, so act quickly!

And be sure to check out everything that has to offer with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

More Store Blog.
Dark Archive

The "Golem Sale & Clearance" link only leads to the "scratch and dent sale" for Paizo Products, where a lot of products are only available as pdfs, which makes no sense for a scratch and dent sale.

This wasn´t the case a few days before (i checked last on wednesday).
Could you please clear that up?

Thank you and have a nice weekend! :-)

Paizo Employee Webstore Coordinator

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Golem Sale & Clearance link directs to:

If you are seeing otherwise, you may need to clear your web browser's cache? With some quick testing, the link works correctly when we loaded it loaded on different computers running different operating systems, and on separate browsers (Firefox, Safari, and Chrome). The link also worked correctly when tested on different mobile devices (iOS and Android) also using separate browsers.

"Scratch-'n'Dent!" is a sub-category within the Sale & Clearance landing page.

As for products listed in the "Scratch-'n'Dent!" that are only available now as PDF, those will be moved out in the near future.

Silver Crusade

Is anyone else not having it stack with the Pathfinder Advantage discount in their shopping cart? The code was accepted but it's just showing a 15% discount and not 25%.

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