You Lit the Black Flame Candle?!

New RPG supplement from Kobold Press coming soon!

Uncover true villainy and fiendish plots with Demon Cults & Secret Societies, the latest tome being kickstarted for both the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and 5th Edition from our friends at Kobold Press!

Demon Cults & Secret Societies expands the content designed to support the Southlands Campaign Setting, providing more sample cultists, monsters, and unique cult-magic never seen before. Each of the cults could be the villain in a single memorable adventure, the hidden power behind your next campaign, and work in concert with the terrifying elements in Horror Adventures. You'll also find all-new content based on Nordic themes, a debauched underworld, and other dark unseemly places.

The Demon Cults & Secret Societies Kickstarter has just over two weeks left! Back the project, check out the Southlands Campaign Setting, or the rest of Kobold Press products we carry on!

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The Exchange Kobold Press

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Thank you, Paizo, for that glorious shout out! We light a black flame candle in your honor!

Liberty's Edge

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Woo hoo! This is a great Kickstarter for a really cool book!

It will be available in D&D 5E and Pathfinder RPG versions, and more than 700 people have jumped in so far ... but that's the rub ...

Currently, the number of D&D 5E backers is FAR exceeding the number of Pathfinder RPG backers!!! Not sure why, because we all know there are literally legions of loyal Pathfinder RPG players out there!

So, to all the Pathfinder fans out there that haven't jumped on board yet ... come on gang! By the time this thing is over (on Halloween, of course!) let's make sure the number of Pathfinder backers matches (or, heck, even exceeds) the D&D 5E backers!!! No edition war nonsense of course (they're both great games), just some good old fashioned, healthy competition :)

The Exchange Kobold Press

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Also worth noting that the Pathfinder team for this book includes Paizo staffer Jason Keeley, Paizo adventure path designer Jim Groves, Kobold regular Jeff Lee, RPG Superstar Mike Welham.

A great team to make both the stats and the plots shine!

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This KS is awesome and should be supported!

The Exchange Kobold Press

Thank you, EZG! We're in the last day or so, as it ends on Monday. Definitely looking for a few more Pathfinder backers!

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