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Arm Yourself for Battle!

Aventuria Adventure Card Game Kickstarter is on!

Kick off your next journey in the Aventuria Adventure Card Game from our friends at Ulisses Spiele!

Aventuria is a fast-paced card game set in the world of The Dark Eye designed for 1-4 players, where each player takes up the role of a hero and must choose to cooperate to overcome treacherous monsters, or compete to outsmart and outlive the rest of the party. Will you take up the mantle as Arbosh the fierce dwarven smith, Layariel the fleet-footed elven scout, Carolan the cunning half-elf rogue, or Mirihiban the mysterious Tulamydian mage?

By becoming an Aventuria Adventure Card Game Kickstarter backer, you can gain access to digital-only pledge levels, expansions, and a number of Kickstarter-only stretch goals! These exclusive stretch goals include: the Witch's Dance Adventure Pack, playmats, dice, and various additional and alternate cards.

Check out the Aventuria Kickstarter page for information on how to play and back the project, and get updates and information on the Ulisses blog!

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