Dead or Alive, You're Coming With Me!


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New Privateer Press miniatures release!

Add some new excitement to your Iron Kingdom game with the Undercity Black River Irregulars Heroes Expansion now!

Expand the scope of your Undercity adventuring party with four new heroes ready to tackle the threats lurking under the city of Corvis. These heroes include a cunning military officer who uses her skills as a battlefield commander to open up new strategies for her comrades, a keen-eyed arcane investigator whose spells provide a variety of tools for any problem, a holy cleric ready to heal allies and punish foes, and a dwarven pistoleer not afraid to bend a few rules to get the job done. Along with new heroes, this expansion also includes a new scenario that challenges you and your fellow adventurers to stand up against wave after wave of villains—to see how long you can last!

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