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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Requiem for the Dead—and the Undead!


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New Pathfinder Battles set available!

Better hope the party bard has a dirge ready, because the dead have arrived with the latest Pathfinder Battles set from WizKids!

The walking dead often do not work singly—they like to have friends, and with the Pathfinder Battles Builder Series: Undead Horde you'll get a dozen of them! Corporeal undead like ghouls, skeletons, and zombies are side by side with incorporeal ghosts and wraiths—but that's not all. Creatures well known for their roles as bosses and masterminds are also included in the Undead Horde set: graveknights, liches, mummy lords, and vampires!

Check out the rest of the Pathfinder Battles line of prepainted miniatures here, and don't miss out on the previews of the upcoming Legends of Golarion set on the Paizo blog!

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