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Get the Right Miniature for Your Game!


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New Pathfinder Paper Minis set now available!

Roleplaying games are more than just the monsters you face, and sometimes PCs get nervous when the barkeep wields a two-handed sword--the latest Pathfinder Paper Minis set will help fill in the gaps in your miniature collection!

The quiet town of Belhaim has a dragon problem—and your PCs are smack in the middle of it in the Pathfinder Module: "The Dragon's Demand!" adventure. The Pathfinder Paper Minis: "The Dragon's Demand" set didn't include the citizens of Belhaim mentioned in the appendix, but now you'll have everything you need (and more) to run "The People of Belhaim" set includes townsfolk of every kind: apothecaries, bards, farmers, fishers, guards, and nobles! This set also includes accessories like a villager and donkey, or a wagon, and sheep in need of a shepherd (or they'll become a dragon's next meal)!

Check out the rest of the Pathfinder Paper Minis right here, as well as our prepainted plastic Pathfinder Battles, and unpainted miniatures from Reaper!

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This is awesome. Great work, Callous Jack!

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Modules Subscriber

It would be nice if there was an option to buy these as separate .png files as it takes a lot of valuable time to covert them all for to use on a VTT

Sovereign Court

Thanks Mike, they were fun to do!

Hawkwing, I'm not sure what Paizo's thoughts are on your idea but it's their decision.

Dark Archive

Now if we can just get the chronicle sheets for this module!

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