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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

I Want to Believe!

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Mystery Monsters Revisited

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New Pathfinder Campaign Setting now available!

Time for your Pathfinder to gather their evidence and present the truth that is out there with our latest Pathfinder Campaign Setting release!

Here at the Paizo offices, we love our creepy critters, and in Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Mystery Monsters Revisited, we take some of our favorite creatures from folklore and reveal a few of their secrets! In this volume, we talk about ten different cryptids: bunyips, chupacabra, death worms, mokele-mbembe, mothmen, the Sandpoint Devil, sasquatch, sea serpents, water orms, and yetis. Learn about the evidence that points to their existence, such as the scarred corpses supposedly mauled by death worms, their ecology, habitats, even society! Game masters aren't going to miss the campaign role suggestions, which provide ideas of how to place these creepy critters into your game, along with rumors of notable rarities like a mothman elder, serpentseeker bow, or cursed items like the sasquatch skull!

Check out all of our Pathfinder Campaign Setting books right here, and dive into our world of Golarion (and beyond)!

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