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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Same Great Movie, Brand New Cover!

The Gamers: Director's Cut re-released from Dead Gentlemen!

Back out of the vault and into your hot little hands is this classic 2009 tale from Dead Gentlemen Productions!

The Gamers pits a group of college gamers attempting to tackle their latest game night—all while trying to outsmart their Dungeon Master and survive the other people of the dorm! Laugh along as their characters attempt to pull off outrageous stunts—like backstabbing with a ballista—in moments that will either have you saying, "I've *done* that before!" or "I need to try that next game!" Roleplaying vs. roll-playing, party infighting, neighbors telling you to keep that racket down—it's all in The Gamers: Director's Cut!

Check out all of our DVDs available from right here, and be sure to pick up The Gamers: Dorkness Rising!

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