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Is It Cold In Here, Or Is It Just Me?

GameMastery Map Pack: Ice Cavern

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New GameMastery Map Pack now available!

Better arm yourself with some fire, because our next GameMastery Map Pack will leave you feelin' frosty!

In GameMastery Map Pack: Ice Cavern, we're gearing up for the cold months ahead! This pack of 18 map tiles will allow you to customize your next icy encounter with twisting, frosty passages. The lair of a frost worm, wendigo, or frost giant is just waiting for your gamemaster to populate with hazards, traps, and critters galore for your next arctic-themed adventure! (We've got a few of those coming up ourselves with the Reign of Winter Adventure Path!) As with all of our Flip-Mats, the GameMastery Map Pack: Ice Cavern tiles are specially coated so you can use wet- and dry-erase markers (even permanent markers), so you can adjust the tiles to your evil gamemastering heart's content! Best of all, you can re-use these tiles over and over again.

Check out all of our GameMastery Map Pack and Flip-Mats right here!

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