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They Say You Want a Revolution!


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Supernatural historical roleplaying games and more from Rogue Games!

Have a hankering to hash out some what-ifs of history? Check out the American Revolution as it never was with the latest from Rogue Games!

In the world of the Colonial Gothic Roleplaying Game, your Hero knows that the New World is full of the same dangers as the Old—and a whole lot more! Witches, demons, and devils are real, as are the hungry creatures whispered in fireside tales meant to scare children. With Colonial Gothic: Locations, newly available in print and PDF, you'll discover more about cities and regions of the New World from their discovery to the beginning of the American Revolution. Whether you're playing a Algonquin spirit-talker in search of unfettered evil spirits, a militia member that has seen Things Man Was Not Meant To, or a member of the Templars, Locations has plot hooks a-plenty. In Philadelphia or out on the frontier, a Game Master will have plenty of options to tweak their own tale of the American Revolution with Colonial Gothic: Locations!

Check out all of the roleplaying games from Rogue Games right here!

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